Some complex disputes require the services of a lawyer with a very special set of skills, and a breadth of experience different to that of most legal professionals.

With a thirty-year career as a lawyer, manager, mediator, facilitator and investigator, Jim Brooks has the expertise to achieve outstanding results in even the most sensitive or difficult of cases.

Having managed high-profile and much publicised inquiries and disputes and programs, Jim Brooks has excellent communication skills – essential in the management of culturally sensitive matters or those in the public eye.

Jim Brooks is a nationally accredited mediation law specialist, with experience in commercial, industrial, native title and human rights disputes. He has a proven track record as an outcome-oriented, pragmatic achiever.


  •  Deputy Commissioner, Family Responsibilities Commission
  •  General Manager Cape York Land Council
  •  Regional Director, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
  •  Regional Director, Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland
  •  Manager – National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families)
  •  Acting Registrar, Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Brisbane
  •  Investigator – National Crime Authority
  •  Team Leader – Official Receiver’s Office
  •  Regional Director – Melbourne Censorship Office
  •  Sole legal practitioner – 9 years
  •  Mediator – 20+ years

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